IBN Sina Medical Check-up Unit  
( GCC Approved Medical Check-up Center )
GCC Computer Code: 05/01/11

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To develop and coordinate amongst the member Medical Centres Performing medical check-up of the passengers bound for Gulf States.
To bring homogeneity and equality among the member Medical Centres.
To implement and execute the guidelines provided by the Executive Board of the Health Minister' Council for the G.C.C States to the Member Medical Centres and to take necessary steps against defiance of the guidelines.
To coordinate between the member Medical Centres and the Embassies of the G.C.C states.
To ensure the medical check-up of specific number of people against specific number of visas.
To ensure the medical technical staff and other employees of the member medical centres through workshop, symposium, etc.
To encourage the Medical Centres to stand beside the nation during natural calamities like flood, cyclone, drought, earthquake etc;.
To request the member States of G.C.C to recruit more workers from Bangladesh .


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